Saturday, 10 November 2012

Christmas Countdown

 Above : my version of an advent calendar.  25 little free-standing lace baubles numbered 1 to 25 are hung on the wreath each day counting down to Christmas.  Just add a magnet or two at the back and slap it on the refrigerator.  Then no-one will forget how many days to Christmas!

I love Christmas time!  Putting up the tree, making mince pies, sending out cards and wrapping gifts has always been a time of great joy for me.

As a kid my Mom used to buy a Cadbury's Advent Calendar for me.  I would open each little window over the 24 days of Christmas, my mouth drooling at the thought of the small chocolate hidden behind the paper panes.  As each day drew closer to the big day, gifts would 'grow' under the tree.  My mother's explanation was that some of Santa's elves were delivering each night because the big man himself just couldn't manage to do ALL the gift deliveries in one night!

As a grown-up (some people would debate that) I still enjoy the silly season.  Nowadays with no kids in the house, we don't put up a tree like we used to.  That's also because the kitties destroy it and on Christmas morning the poor thing looks like its been dragged through a fence backwards!  Nevertheless, we do have mince pies - thanks to Woolies - and cards are now sent on FB and email via cyberspace.  We BBM our kids as they enjoy Christmas with their significant others.  We don't do gifts either anymore.  Well, not wrapped ones.  Instead, we buy ourselves Harley gear and we wear it all for those 24 days leading up to the day while we enjoy the hot South African summer as we ride our bikes.

Then, on Christmas Day, we whip out the Weber, pop some chickens in it, make a salad or two and drift around the swimming pool with an ice-cold drink in the one hand (of course with as much alcohol in it as we can stand) while the other hand serves as a paddle for the lilo we're bobbing around on!

Then, as the day winds to a close, we lather sun-screen on our too-late it's-already-burnt shoulders and backs and we gently sink into a lukewarm bath to 'sting' away the burn!

Yip!  I love Christmas time!

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