Friday, 5 October 2012

Let's Spring into Fall!

While down here in the South Hemisphere we have skipped Spring completely and headed straight into summer, our Northern Hemisphere embroiderers are gearing up for Fall and Halloween.
This means hot soups and stews, pumpkin pie and candy, so what better than to embroider and applique this fabulous table runner in preparation for Thanksgiving?

The warm autumn colors are sure to add to the inviting taste sensations you will prepare as you sit down to dinner with your family gathered close.

The table runner is completed in sections in the hoop, with just a wee bit of traditional stitching to make it up.  Then finish it off with a tassle on each end and a lovely binded edge.

Take a look at and become a member of the Monthly Project Club to download this great project and create a family heirloom.

Giving thanks is good!

Have a wonderful weekend.


PS: Kelly Medina, the graphic designer, whose artwork inspired this fall runner, posted a lovely message showing her customers what I'd made.  Take a look at it here.   Thank you Kelly for sharing!

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