Sunday, 28 April 2013

What's Your Passion?

Passion is Energy!
As you know, machine embroidery has been a passion of mine for many years now and I've resisted the temptation of other crafts suchs as scrap-booking (my hubby would go nuts if I had more boxes of stuff than I already have!) and I've never quite got the hang of crochet or knitting.  In my opinion, they don't grow quick enough anyway.
So, a couple of months ago I was in our local art shop trying to find sticky dots ... not available at any of the 'normal' stationery stores here in SA ... when I saw the most beautiful diary with a pewter front sitting at the till counter.
Caryl Parks, pewter artist extraordinaire's diary which caught my eye
I am a slut for stationery.  I cannot pass up on gorgeous pens and pretty notebooks.  Naturally this diary caught my attention, and without even checking for a price, I grabbed it and plonked it right there on top of those sticky dots.
The cashier moved the diary back to its position next to her till, smoothing away some fluff from the counter top.
I picked it up and again slapped it down with great purpose.  I had no intentions of leaving this beautiful object of my desire behind.
"Uh, Ma'am," the cashier looked me square in the eye, "this is not for sale."
"Whadaya mean, not for sale, it's sitting on your counter space isn't it?"
"Actually, Ma'am, if you want to learn to make one just like this, then write your name and phone number inside and the teacher will get hold of you."
And so it came to be, that yesterday, I started an eight-week course with Caryl Parks, Pewter Artist Extraordinaire.
Despite numerous reminders to relax, chant 'ohhhhmmmmm'  and breathe, dammit, breathe, I rubbed and I shoved and the silver stuff went its own merry way.  Where I wanted a lump, I got a dent.  Where I needed to make a 'pipe', I ended up with ski-slopes.  I'm thinking next week I take a hip flask of Stroh rum with me.  If it doesn't relax me, I'm sure it will work as a great patina.

OMG... will I ever get there?!
My first attempt looks nothing like anything remotely resembling a pewter anything!  But, there is one thing I know about myself.  I will not give up.  I will master it.
And so, predictably, I have a box filled with pewter smashing stuff which I've hidden away from my darling husband.  No, not because I don't want him to know I've started another hobby, but because, given half a chance, he'll be trying his hand at it too!
Go across to Caryl's blog for some Pewter is Passion inspiration  -  and lose yourself in her amazing talents.  And then perhaps join us and try your hand at pewter work too.  Well, why not?!
Love from Sunny South Africa

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  1. You really are soooo funny and entertaining... I can see we are going to have a lot more fun.
    Caryl X