Thursday, 3 January 2013

I'm Going Sewing

So there I was, faffing around at home when my friend called and said, "wanna go sewing?"

Did I ever!  There's never a moment where I'm not keen to be stitching (except if I have to make net curtains... hmmm).
But one little problem presented itself.  In order to put all my goodies together to take with me, I used up all my spare cosmetic purses.  One for thread, one for needles, one for scissors.  Then I had to put them all into a big tote. You get the drift.
So I thought... what would I need to go sewing with?  Something which would house all the goodies I need without being too big and bulky, and definitely without needing a dozen other containers to separate everything.

So I set about stitching up this clutch.  It's got 3 see-through zippered pouches - the bottom one is really deep and I can put my Gingher scissors in there without panicing about damaging them!

With my new Happy (I'm so Happy to have my Happy) 12-needle machine, I appliqued, embroidered and lined and quilted all the panels - all done in the hoop!  There are four panels and the one with the sewing machine on has space to personalize it... that's so that Joan, or Jane, or Penny don't nick my bag!  I had such fun playing with the colours.  You can see I'm a pink gal can't you?!

Then I took to my sterling Bernina 730E and stitched up a storm, sewing the panels together, fixing the zippers and, of course, using my Simplicity bias tape maker while I was at it.  I LOVE my tape maker - it saves lots and lots of headaches with irons, spray starch, and bias-tape tips which heat up and burn your fingers!
All I now have to do when I'm going sewing, is to put all my stitchin' goodies in each compartment, roll it up, pop it into my sewing machine bag and woooo hoooo I don't have dozens of bags weighing me down anymore!
So, if you're interested in making this for yourself, come on over to and become a member of the Monthly Project Club and download it immediately!

Love from Sunny South Africa!

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